Dear Customer,

thank you for your confidence in the delivered products of known and certificated manufacturers. However in rare cases hidden defects might occur.

In case of a defect a customer-friendly Service is guaranteed – the following procedure is recommended:

  • Please report the defect to the above mentioned address or send the product including a letter of claim directly to our address
  • A STASTO Co-Worker will examine the type of defect - if necessary, in cooperation with the manufacturer
  • After the ascertainment of the defect we will find a solution together with our customer
  • All claims will always be solved in accordance with the Commercial and Civil Codes

We are sorry for any occuring inconvenience and guarantee an unbureaucratic and fast service.

Ing. Tomáš Jahn
General manager


Phone: +420 317 701 700
Mobile: +420 602 466 665

Breakdowns or cases of emergencies:
+420 602 380 152